Canada has quickly become a popular study destination among international students. Offering high-quality education, internship opportunities, part-time work during studies, and liberal laws on post-study work permits; as well as low living expenses – Canada stands out as a study destination with many advantages for international students.

Doing a BBA degree in Canada will offer you world-class studies and participation in the co-op work experience program, giving you an invaluable chance to expand your professional network and gain invaluable experience before graduating.

A York University study found that its BBA graduates made a median salary of CA $60,800 after graduating in 2021-22.

This blog will discuss the perks of doing BBA in Canada after 12th

Scope of BBA in Canada

BBA (Business Basic Administration) courses are one of the world’s most sought-after business management degrees, and Canada boasts some outstanding universities offering this education. Their top universities boast world-class curriculums that ensure their students become masterful businessmen; furthermore, Canadian workplace cultures allow international students to find employment after graduating easily.

High Employment Rates

BBA graduates in Canada enjoy high employment rates, with most finding jobs within a few months of graduating from the Schulich School of Business BBA programs. Furthermore, 90% of Schulich School of Business BBA graduates find employment with well-known companies – this rate surpasses even that of other bachelor’s degree holders.

Entrepreneurial Skills

BBA graduates in Canada are poised to secure both employment and an acceptable salary due to the course providing them with a foundation in business management, and helping them develop entrepreneurial abilities which will benefit them for many years after they graduate.


Canadian universities also provide scholarships to encourage their students to study professional courses. These scholarships cover most or all tuition fees and expenses for these professional courses, making Canada an attractive option for many BBA candidates who hope to save money while simultaneously gaining invaluable international experience and making new friends while strengthening communication skills.

Top BBA Colleges and Universities in Canada

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from one of Canada’s acclaimed colleges, you can start a rewarding career as a marketing executive, business analyst, HR specialist, or financial manager – roles that offer attractive salaries and great career prospects.

Students aspiring to enter the corporate world must possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, most BBA programs require calculus for admission. Furthermore, students should have completed high school with a recognized board before qualifying for an English Language Proficiency Test accepted by their university.

Admission requirements to universities differ, with most necessitating personal statements, academic transcripts, English language proficiency scores, and resumes as minimum criteria for consideration. Some may additionally ask for letters of recommendation or portfolio submissions.

Many top BBA schools in Canada are known for their research and innovation, producing alumni that now work at some of the biggest firms such as Deloitte, EY, and KPMG. Furthermore, Canada boasts an advanced economy that attracts international students looking for fulfilling careers.

  1. University of Toronto  
  2. York University
  3. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  4. The University of Regina
  5. Dalhousie University
  6. Simon Fraser University
  7. Thompson Rivers University
  8. Langara College 

BBA Courses in Canada

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Canada is an esteemed degree that opens many career doors. Additionally, it serves as an excellent gateway for those hoping to pursue an MBA degree later on. BBA courses cover many areas of management – most popularly human resources, sales, and marketing; but ultimately which option best meets your interests and future goals will determine its suitability for you.

Canada provides high-quality education, making it an attractive location to live and work. Its multicultural environment enables students to interact with people from diverse countries and cultures, further broadening their horizons professionally. Furthermore, Canada boasts flexible working cultures with liberal laws on post-study employment.

Students studying in Canada on student visas may work part-time while on this status; up to 20 hours can be worked each week and full-time during breaks. Once their studies are finished, they may also apply for a work permit valid for three years which will enable them to explore recreational activities and sports as part of their free time.

BBA Specializations in Canada

BBA degrees provide you with a firm foundation in business management. Through presentations, projects, expert lectures, and site visits to industries you are introduced to the industry as well as learning about its current developments in business management.

After successfully completing your course, you can choose from careers in fields like human resources, finance, accounting, marketing, and management. Or choose to specialize or combine it with another subject for a dual degree and further expand in your field of expertise – giving you access to all aspects of real-world issues with knowledge-based solutions.

BBA Scholarships in Canada

Attracting Indian students, studying for their Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada can be an exciting option. Not only is this degree highly respected but it can open many lucrative career doors too! A three to four-year program gives a comprehensive insight into business administration. Furthermore, BBA courses in Canada also provide diverse internship and part-time work options during study time.

International students studying in Canada may be eligible for various scholarships that cover tuition and living costs while studying here, such as government awards, university scholarships, or private grants offered by private groups. It’s wise for international students to explore all available scholarship opportunities so as to avoid financial restraints while embarking on an enriching educational journey.

Graduating with a BBA degree provides graduates with many employment options in fields like management and administration, entrepreneurship, finance, and more. Furthermore, BBA graduates can pursue advanced degrees such as an MBA or CPA to further advance their career goals. Furthermore, a BBA curriculum can serve as the cornerstone for starting your own company as it equips you to manage finances, operations, and human resources within any business entity.

List of ScholarshipsScholarship Remuneration (In USD)
Innovation in Education Scholarship$ 500
Go Clean Scholarship$ 3,500
QS Undergraduate Scholarship$ 1000
Hani Zeini Scholarship$ 1000
Seymour Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship$ 6,776
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program$ 45,457
Bachelor Degree Entrance Scholarship$ 200

Document Requirements for Canadian Student Visa Jobs for Indian Students

BBA in Canada provides Indian students with a world-class education at top colleges, multiple specialization options, and career advancement. It is an ideal choice for those aspiring to work in business and management or with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Students applying for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada must meet a few key requirements, including having a valid passport with sufficient blank pages, proof of funding for tuition fees and living costs, two photographs meeting visa application center specifications, as well as providing letters of recommendation and statements of purpose.

Students should select a university with excellent placement records and offer an optimal balance of academics, extracurricular activities, and social life. A well-rounded school will equip its students with the skills needed for success in global markets.


In conclusion, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Canada after completing high school offers several advantages. If you are willing to pursue BBA in Canada consult the best possibilities with immigration experts at Canada Immigration Consultants.

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