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Best Canada
Immigration Consultants in India


We strive to secure your journey with the best immigration solutions. Our trusted credibility will help you ace your evaluation and application process.

Our consultants work in compliance with Canada’s latest immigration laws. We have got you covered for all queries and immigration services and beyond.

Why You Can Trust Canada Immigration Consultants?

  • 9 Branches

    We have 9 branches, in Chandigarh, Mohali, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, and more!

  • 15 + Years of Experience

    It’s been a 15+ years long journey of offering reliable immigration services to our clients.

  • 22,000 + Visas Stamped

    In our journey of over 15 years, we have stamped more than 22,000 visas.

  • Awards and Certificates

    We have received many awards and certificates which include one certificate from UCW also.

  • High Visa Success Rate

    We have a high visa success rate and offer the best customer service.

  • Canada Immigration Experts (RCIC Member)

    We have an Immigration Expert ready to assist you, Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur, who is also an RCIC member.


Our Board of Directors

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An Enriching Experience Awaits You

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